17 – 23 Jan

Hope has déjà-vu of her recent horrible Thanksgiving experience when Steffy gloats about how she and Liam will be attending the Forrester Christmas celebration.

Marcus gives Thomas an idea about how he can sweep Hope off of her feet. Jackie warns Nick about how his involvement with Donna could ruin their arrangement with Pam.

Because of an earlier conversation with Liam, Rick urges Hope to continue her pursuit of him and to make her move soon.

Still holding resentment towards Stephanie, Pam opts out of attending the festivities and preparing the meal, leaving the not-so-domestic Logan sisters in charge of cooking their first Christmas dinner.

Meanwhile, Hope and Thomas grow closer together as they take in the sights and sounds that Los Angeles has to offer during the holidays.

Taylor attempts to convince Brooke into allowing Hope to move on with her life with Thomas. Brooke feels as though Taylor has an ulterior motive to her request.

Steffy and Thomas share their respective vacation plans with each other without going too much into detail. Thomas comes to a realization about why Brooke does not approve of his relationship with Hope.

Rick and Beverly get to know each other better as he explains to her the dynamic of the Forrester family and company … and his opinion about it all.

Amber is green with jealousy when she walks in on Rick and Beverly getting better acquainted. After realizing that Thomas and Hope are at the same resort, Steffy goes out of her way to prevent Liam from finding out.

24 – 31 Jan
Beverly stands her ground as Amber issues her a "friendly warning" to stay away from Rick.

Worried about Liam's lingering feeling for Hope, and that he may run into her at the resort, Steffy suggests that they relocate.

Thomas agrees to assist Steffy in keeping Hope and Liam apart on their trip but he refuses to manipulate Hope in any way.

Liam becomes suspicious of what Steffy is up to when he notices that she's randomly disappearing throughout the day. Steffy secretly sets up a surprise romantic evening on the beach for Thomas and Hope with the intentions of keeping her away from Liam.

Thomas does his own part in attempting to keep Hope's mind off of Liam. Katie and Bill bicker over their opposing opinions about who Hope should be with.

Steffy recruits Bill into assisting with keeping Hope away from Liam and ensuring that she falls for Thomas. Bill uses his many connections and influences to set up the perfect strategy to guarantee a Hope and Thomas union.

Steffy tries to plant a particular idea into Thomas' mind about how to get Hope to fall in love with him. Hope is brutally honest with Thomas about her true feelings for him.

While Steffy watches her machinations in the works, Bill helps her out behind the scenes to ensure that she doesn't get caught by Liam. When Steffy's scheme fails, she resorts to a much more malicious back-up plan.

Liam finds himself in an awkward situation with the local not realizing that Steffy is the reason why, Thomas begins to make headway with Hope.

Liam stumbles upon Steffy who is basking in her seemingly-successful latest scheme to keep him from learning that Hope is at the resort.

Meanwhile, Thomas notices that Liam has spotted Hope and tries to distract her from seeing him, too. Ridge feels torn when he learns about the events that are taking place in Cabo San Lucas with his children.

Bill becomes furious when he finds out that all the plotting that he and Steffy have been doing has not worked.

Steffy carelessly puts herself in danger in order to prevent Liam and Hope from reuniting. When Katie learns of Bill's meddling in the events going on in Mexico, she makes an interesting accusation about his intentions.

Brooke has an awfully uneasy feeling that something bad has happened to one of her children in Cabo San Lucas. Liam learns the hard way that his feelings for Steffy are greater than he thought.

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