17 – 23 Jan

Daniel tells Chloe that she wanted to be pregnant so bad her body started going through the symptoms. Melanie is rushed to the hospital and into surgery where Daniel operates to remove the bullet that is near her heart.

Victor warns Vivian that if Melanie dies there will be hell to pay. Rafe calls Anna in for more questioning.

E.J. throws the clothes Sydney was wearing when she disappeared into the river. The clothes are found and Rafe has to inform Sami of the latest news.

Melanie clings to life as Abe orders Bo to arrest Carly after she has given blood. Abe also orders that Vivian be arrested as a suspect for attempted murder.
Carly tells Bo that Victor figured out Vivian's plan with the hair piece and switched it out so they have no proof. Vivian is released due to lack of evidence. Rafe gets the call that the clothes are Sydney's.

Daniel tells Philip that he doesn't know why Melanie hasn't woken up yet but encourages him to be positive. Maggie and Brady each visit Melanie and encourage her to wake up.
E.J. calls Brady to the pier where he tells him about Sydney and asks Brady to break the news to Nicole.

24 – 31 Jan
Arianna arrives at the pier and isn't happy to find out that Brady is going to talk to Nicole.

Abe reminds Bo that anything Carly does while she is out on the bail he posted will come back to him.

Carly tells Daniel that he is Melanie's father. E.J. is furious after finding Sami is bed with Rafe.

Daniel is livid when Carly tells him that Melanie is his daughter. Carly explains that she couldn't tell him in fear that Lawrence would kill him.

Vivian attempts to smother Melanie with a pillow but then realizes that Melanie has suffered enough in her life and Carly will have to live with causing a lot of that.

E.J. asks for the memorial service to be held at the docks and Sami agrees. Once there E.J. asks Will and Rafe to take Johnny and Allie to the car and he shows Sami the new ransom note.

As Maggie is confronting Carly about using the mother card to find out information on Melanie she becomes dizzy and nearly passes out.

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