18 -22 Feb

Anna denies any involvement in Sydney's kidnapping but Nicole keeps pressing with information she has. Stefano and Kate trick Will into letting Stefano spend some alone time with Sydney.

Mia continues to lead both Will and Chad on. Gabi finds the necklace that Mia got from Will when she runs into Chad on the docks.

Melanie asks to speak to the Judge before Carly is sentenced. Bo and Justin both think that Melanie will cause the Judge to give Carly a harsher sentence. Melanie tells the Judge that she lied before because she was upset with Carly for lying to her and that Carly didn't mean to shoot her.

The Judge ends up sentencing Carly to just probation.

Nicole tells Anna that she better use her connection with the Governor to get her a pardon or she will inform Roman. Vivian is dismayed when she learns that Carly won't be going to prison.

Daniel overhears Chloe telling Philip that she is not going to therapy. Melanie and Philip move in with Maggie.

Anna shows up at Victor's fundraising for the Governor with a lame story about wanting to talk to Philip. Anna asks the Governor to give Nicole a pardon but he refuses. Anna continues to put the moves on the Governor especially after he informs her that he and his wife have an agreement regarding their marriage.

Sami tells Rafe that she is applying for a job in the FBI office. Lexie visits E.J. at Sami's and brings along Theo. When Lexie goes to play with Sydney, Theo informs E.J. that he knows about Sydney not really being kidnapped.

Vivian tells Carly that she will have to reassess her plan not to go after Melanie now that Carly won't be going to prison. Daniel recommends that both he and Chloe attend therapy.

Governor Ford turns down Anna's advances. Anna freaks out and thinks about the possibilities that could happen if she doesn't get Nicole a pardon.

Anna calls Nicole and tells her the Governor turned her down but she has another plan. Nicole gets angry in her cell and promises to make Anna pay if she doesn't come through.

Bo tells Vivian that she better back off Carly or she will have hell to pay. Lexie overhears Theo telling E.J. that he knows that Sydney was safe with E.J. during the kidnapping. E.J. attempts to use Theo's autism and taking things literally.

Lexie tells E.J. that Theo is very bright and she wonders if Johnny may know something about Sydney's kidnapping and that Stefano is possibly involved.

Sami asks Rafe for a recommendation for the job she is applying for with the FBI but Rafe refuses, giving a few different excuses. Sami thinks it's because Rafe is still upset about the whole lying issue but Rafe finally tells Sami that she would never pass the background check due to her past misdeeds.

Will confronts Mia about the necklace and realizes that Mia has been lying and breaks up with her. Mia continues to be rude to Gabi.

Anna has drugged Governor Ford's food and taken a variety of pictures of him in compromising positions. Anna tells the Governor that she will give him all the pictures if he agrees to give Nicole the pardon.

Nicole has called Rafe to her jail cell thinking that Anna isn't going to come through. Just as Nicole is getting ready to tell Rafe that Anna is the one who kidnapped Sydney, Joyce walks in and hands her the phone telling her that the warden wants to speak to her.

The warden puts Nicole on with the Governor, who is still handcuffed to the bed with Anna holding the phone to his ear, and tells Nicole that he is granting her a pardon and she will be released that day. Nicole does a little happy dance and Rafe is confused as to how this could happen.

Hope tells Justin that she is no fan of Carly's but is glad that Melanie did the right thing.

25 – 28 Feb

Bo warns Victor that he will eliminate Vivian and face the consequences if she doesn't back off her revenge plot. Brady and Arianna are preparing to elope as Nicole makes her way to the island thinking Brady is just there on business.

Rafe confronts Governor Ford about giving Nicole a pardon and he gives the excuse that it is what the people wanted. Rafe informs Sami and E.J. that Nicole is out of prison.

E.J. makes his way to Governor Ford's room and demands to know why he gave Nicole a pardon. Governor Ford tells E.J. that Anna was the one that got him to give the pardon and he assumed the DiMera's knew about it.

Melanie lies to Nathan about what was written in the letter. Nathan forgives Stephanie for not giving him the letter.

Arianna is getting ready for the wedding when she breaks the pearl necklace Brady gave her. The woman helping her get ready, Paca, tells her that it's a bad omen.

The Justice of the Peace runs into Nicole as he's going to get the marriage license and thinks she's Brady's bride. Brady is surprised to see Nicole and even calls the warden on Nicole's suggestions to make sure she's supposed to be out of jail.

At first Nicole lies about her reasons for being on the island but soon admits she came to see him to get a second chance. Nicole is kissing Brady good-bye when Arianna shows up and lashes out.

Governor Ford tells E.J. that he didn't have much choice from Anna on the pardon. If he didn't do it she would expose the pictures she took. Rafe visits Victor where he learns that Anna was there the night before for the fundraiser and was obviously making her move on the Governor.

E.J. and Rafe both return to Sami where they fill her in on Anna and Rafe tells them that Anna was the one that kidnapped Sydney.

Nicole is starting to flirt with the Justice of the Peace when Fay arrives. Fay doesn't understand how Nicole managed to get a pardon and worries about what will happen when Stefano finds out she's out of prison.

Brady eventually convinces Arianna to marry him although Nicole's comments are no help. Things continue to go wrong as the area they are supposed to get married in floods and they have to wait.

When everything is finally ready the Justice of the Peace informs them that something has gone terribly wrong and Arianna blames Nicole.

Gabi interrupts Mia and Chad making out and calls out Mia for playing two guys against each other. Chad overhears and isn't happy that Mia was just using him and Will. Mia attempts to use them having a baby to keep Chad. Will tells Kate that he broke up with Mia and doesn't like being used as anyone's pawn.

Rafe tells E.J. that he thinks Anna was just working for someone and notes that Anna was able to leave on a few occasions. E.J. leaves saying he has a meeting and Rafe follows him to the DiMera mansion where he begins questioning Stefano about Anna.

Brady and Arianna have to call off their wedding when an incoming hurricane forces everyone to leave the island. After Fay talks to Brady she tells Nicole that she thinks Brady still has feelings for her. Carly interrupts Daniel and Melanie's outing at the Brady Pub.

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