1-8 Feb
Roman informs Brady that Nicole turned down his request to visit. Arianna reiterates that she doesn't want Brady involved with Nicole at all.

Mia continues to manipulate Chad after overhearing him make plans with Gabi. Gabi asks Will if he thinks Mia is really into him. E.J. and Sami see footage of Sydney and the new demand of $5 million.

E.J. has a software program installed on Sami's computer when she watched the video of Sydney and he can now watch her. Rafe continues to look into who kidnapped Sydney.

Carly spills the beans about Daniel being Melanie's father to Chloe. E.J. watches Sami nearly tell Rafe about Sydney and calls her asking her to come over to talk.

Nathan and Stephanie contemplate staying another day at the cabin but Nathan notices that Maggie has called him several times. Nathan returns to the hospital where a nurse informs him that Melanie was asking about him and that she was shot.

Nathan is shocked to learn what went down after he and Steph left Melanie's wedding. Stephanie shows up to see Melanie and mentions being out of town. Melanie realises that Steph and Nathan were together.

Carly tells Bo not to talk to Melanie about the shooting. Bo doesn't listen and fills Melanie in on Lawrence's past misdeeds. Daniel confronts Vivian about trying to kill Melanie and asks for Victor's backing as his godson but when Victor questions him about why he is so intent on protecting Melanie the only thing Daniel will tell him is that Melanie is his patient.

Philip tells Victor that he won't return home with Melanie if Vivian is still living there. Vivian takes it on herself to move out.

Melanie refuses to listen to Bo and is intent on throwing Carly under the bus. Hope offers to step in and interview Melanie so it doesn't look like Bo is biased. Justin offers to be Carly's lawyer.

Sami is devastated when E.J. calls and tells her that Sydney is dead. Rafe doesn't understand why Sami got so upset and brings her to the Brady Pub where he calls Will and asks him to join them.

Rafe calls E.J. wanting to know what he told Sami that made her so upset but E.J. doesn't answer. E.J. gives Anna the $5 million to leave town and Anna is sad to part ways with Sydney.

At the Pub, Sami tells Rafe that she thought she was ready to let Sydney go but she doesn't think she can anymore. Suddenly, E.J. walks through the door holding Sydney and tells Sami that she doesn't have to.

Brady decides to propose to Arianna while on a romantic getaway. Stefano promises revenge on whoever kidnapped Sydney and is overjoyed when he sees that Sydney has been returned.

Sami admits to Rafe that she knows about the ransom note. Rafe doesn't get mad but insists they bring Sydney to the hospital.

Stephanie tells Lexie that she could have prevented Melanie's shooting by giving Nathan her letter. Melanie mentions the letter to Nathan but he is left confused. Melanie realizes that Stephanie never gave her letter to Nathan.

11-15 Feb
Arianna says no to Brady's proposal but tells him that she doesn't want to end things but just slow down. Rafe continues looking into Sydney's kidnapping and is curious about things E.J. has said.

Maggie passes out in the Horton kitchen. Stephanie refuses to apologize for keeping Melanie's letter away from Nathan.

Hope tries to talk to Melanie about testifying that Carly didn't mean to shoot her. Max returns to town to visit his little sister even though they are no longer related with the revelation that Carly and Daniel are Melanie's parents.

Rafe locates the cottage but E.J.'s crew makes it look as if the place has been abandoned for years. Nicole finally puts it all together and realizes Anna was the one that kidnapped Sydney. Carly decides to plead guilty to the judge. Bo tries to talk her out of it but Carly won't listen.

Justin informs Daniel about what is going to happen and Daniel tells Melanie she is the only one that can prevent Carly from going to prison. As Carly is pleading guilty, Melanie rushes in.

Max warns Philip not to hurt Melanie like he did Stephanie. Stephanie tells Nathan that she was supposed to give him Melanie's letter. Stephanie insists she didn't give it to him because he kept insisting he didn't want to talk about Melanie.

Nicole calls Anna and tells her to get off the plane and come visit her in prison. Fay visits her daughter in prison and isn't happy that Nicole seems to think everything is turning around for her. Nicole tells her mother to leave and never come back.

Anna finds a way off the plane and gets to the prison wanting to know why Nicole summoned her there.

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