1 – 7 Jan

Carly tells Bo that she's going to tell Melanie that she is her mother. Caroline tells Bo to start thinking about his daughter but Bo lays all the blame on Hope. Stephanie confides in Justin about Nathan's feelings for Melanie.

Justin helps Hope get into Vivian's room to get the box they found a few weeks ago. Maggie tells Will that Mia never came home. Later, Will confronts Mia but she covers saying her needed time alone.

Roman calls Arianna and tells her to meet him at the police station where he informs her that she will not be going back to prison and is free.

Vivian takes her first steps to kill Melanie at her wedding.

Hope informs Bo that she will be filing for sole custody of Ciara. Carly walks in and demands to know why Hope is doing this to Bo. Maggie tells Kate that Melanie is with Vivian at the Kiriakis' mansion. Vivian gives Melanie the gift but decides they should wait to open it until the wedding.

8 – 15 Jan

E.J. demands answers from Anna when Rafe informs him that Anna was visiting Sami. Vivian finds Kate before she can give Melanie that poisoned gift.

Chloe chats with Father Matt about being able to give Daniel a child. After talking with Stephanie about Philip's wedding, Chloe realizes that she is late and may be pregnant.

Melanie tells Vivian she doesn't think she can marry Philip and Vivian guilt's her into going through with the wedding. Rafe is preparing to leave Sami's and the two end up having sex.

Abe convinces Hope to rejoin the police department.

Maggie tells Melanie she can't come to the wedding because she is sick.

Chloe and Daniel bask in the news that she is pregnant. Melanie writes a letter to Nathan asking if he still has feelings for her and if he does she won't marry Philip.

Philip gets a call that the Justice of the Peace is unable to officiate and Abe agrees to step in.
Hope questions Victor about Vivian's plans for revenge but Victor insists Vivian won't be trying anything under his roof.

Vivian takes off and returns to the mansion after Philip and Melanie have been married. E.J. is not thrilled when he arrives at the Brady Pub and sees Sami and Rafe have reunited.

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