1 - 8 Nov

Nicole is found unconscious by the pay phone in Ohio, but Sydney is nowhere to be found.

Hope and Bo make steps towards reuniting, Nicole can't remember what happened to Sydney and E.J. continues to threaten Nicole.

Stefano insists that he had nothing to do with Sydney's disappearance and that Nicole knows where Sydney is located, Kate warns Vivian to stay away from Philip and Carly and Hope exchange words when she shows up at Bo and Hope's house.

Rafe finds Nicole at the bus station and demands to know where Sydney is located and Brady talks to Nicole alone and realises that Nicole has no idea where Sydney is located.

Rafe brings Nicole back to the hospital where Fay demands to know why Nicole lied about being Sydney's mother, Nicole apologises to Sami for trying to keep Sydney away from her and E.J. comes up with a plan to get Stefano to reveal where Sydney is being kept.

The kidnapper talks to Sydney and has a very familiar voice.

9 - 15 Nov

Rafe agrees to E.J.'s plan to use Sami to get Stefano to admit where Sydney is being kept but only if Sami wears a wire.

Sami talks to Stefano but has no luck pulling anything out of him, Chloe visits Nicole and agrees to talk to Brady about visiting Nicole and after Chloe leaves, Nicole suddenly remembers hearing a woman's voice when Sydney was kidnapped.

Chloe tries to get Brady to visit Nicole but he refuses saying that he needs to break his addiction to Nicole, Arianna overhears and Brady tells Arianna that he never stopped loving her.

Vivian pesters Hope for information about Bo and Carly and Rafe visits Nicole in jail, listens to her story about hearing a woman's voice when Sydney was taken and believes her.

Rafe surprises Sami with a romantic night out, Brady catches Ari with E.J. and warns her to be careful and  Chad meets Gabi who informs him that she is transferring to Salem High.

Melanie finds out that Carly is the new doctor at the hospital and apologizes for over reacting to the coffee spill and not allowing her to live at Maggie and E.J. warns Nicole to tell everything she knows but Nicole insists she has told the police everything she remembers.

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