16 - 23 Nov

Chloe visits Nicole in jail and offers to ask Brady to come and visit again but Nicole tells her not to bother. Carly doesn't want to provoke Vivian anymore and tries to find out why she is really back in Salem.

Carly regrets telling Bo about her true feelings towards him but he tells her that he is in a bad place and isn't sure what is going to happen with Hope.

E.J. gets an idea from something Ari says and rushes to Sami's and tells her that they should have a candle light vigil to let the kidnapper know how much Sydney is loved.

Melanie catches Nathan kissing Stephanie on the cheek and later, at the inn, Philip proposes to Melanie. Roman calls Anna and asks her to come to Bo and Hope's for Christmas.

Melanie accepts Philip's marriage proposal, Julie tries her hardest to get Bo and Hope to see the light about reuniting and E.J. and Sami plead for Sydney's safe return at the vigil.

Vivian accidently insults Chloe not realizing that she is the same Chloe that was Brady's ex-wife. Philip announces to his family that he and Melanie are engaged. Rafe gets Sami's hopes up when he receives a call from a FBI friend with a possible lead on Sydney.

Melanie is greeted by both Vivian and Kate wanting to get a start on planning the wedding.

Gus tells Vivian that he found information on Carly. Vivian shows Victor that Carly had a baby in a Swiss hospital.

Hope asks Justin to file separation papers but he refuses because he doesn't think she should give up on her marriage and admits that he has feelings for her.

Bo kisses Carly just as Hope is walking up to the house

24 - 30 Nov

Chloe tells Brady that Victor accused Arianna of being a drug dealer, Brady has to tell Arianna that her cover might be blown and Hope confronts Bo about kissing Carly.

Carly's anxiety gets the best of her at the hospital and she yells at Vivian. Nathan thinks Melanie is rushing into marrying Philip but she refuses to listen.

Carly frets that she made things worse for Bo after finding out that Hope caught them kissing. Hope eavedrops on Vivian and Victor and almost overhears that Carly has a child.

Rafe tells Sami that he might be reinstated with the FBI so he will be able to get information about Sydney quicker. Hope and Justin search around Vivian's room and find a box hidden in the wall.

Daniel notices that Carly is acting strangely and Vivian warns Chloe about Carly.

Philip tells Stephanie that Nathan is trying to convince Melanie to change her mind about marrying him. Sami and E.J. receive the next note with cryptic instructions where to get their next clue.

Bo arrives at the Kiriakis mansion as Justin is moving out. Bo let’s Hope know that he knows about the kiss between her and Justin and the two end up arguing before Bo takes Ciara out for the day.

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