19 - 26 Dec

Bo asks Daniel to keep a look out for Vivian while Carly is at work, Carly and Vivian get into it at Java and Vivian becomes suspicious when Carly tries to warn Melanie to stay awy from Vivian.

Anna questions E.J. about how long he plans to keep Sydney away from Sami, Carly arrives to apologize to Maggie about the incident with Hope and Vivian calls Gus and tells him to search into the birth date more because she suspects that Melanie may be Carly's daughter.

Hope reminisces about better times with Bo, Justin visits Carly and the two exchange words and Gus confirms to Vivian that Melanie is Carly's daughter.

Victor warns Vivian about doing anything to Melanie because it will in turn hurt Philip.

27 - 31 Dec

Vivian gets a visit from Lawrence during a dream, Lawrence tells her not to kill Carly but encourages her to goafter Melanie instead and Sami is devastated when Rafe decides to move out.

Arianna tells E.J. that she was working undercover with the DEA, Chloe confides in Carly about not being able to have children and Daniel defends Carly when Melanie goes off on her again.

Stephanie tells Nathan they should tell Melanie and Philip about their relationship and meets with Melanie about wedding plans.

Carly asks Melanie if she can keep a secret and the two go to Maggie's. She tells Melanie that she lost a daughter and Melanie assumes that Carly's daughter has died and that is why she connected to Mia.

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