3 - 7 Dec

Sami is getting ready to tell Rafe about the ransom note but he informs her that he is being reinstated with the FBI and will be the point person on Sydney's case. They have to rush to Nicole's sentencing hearing and are joined by Will.

The Judge hands down his sentence of twenty years to Nicole. Sami is furious that Nicole didn't get the maximum of 70 years because the judge felt that Nicole was truly remorseful.

Lexie tells Chloe about Nicole and Chloe rushes off to see Nicole. Nicole tells Chloe that she isn't going to fight the sentence and after Chloe leaves Brady arrives. Nicole tells Brady that she doesn't want him to visit and that he needs to get on with his life.

E.J. receives a phone call and rushes off. Anna is talking to Sydney when she hears a car door shut and she hurriedly packs Sydney up and opens the door to find E.J.

Bo confronts Justin about having feelings for Hope but Justin tells Bo that he is over being the nice guy.

Carly ends up in the hospital elevator with Vivian and admits to Vivian that she killed Lawrence. Vivian gets off the elevator and Carly ends up stuck in it. Carly starts reliving the time she was buried alive by Vivian and freaks out.

Bo arrives just as Carly is let out and the two leave and walk on the docks where they share an intimate kiss.

Hope arrives at Maggie's and realizes something is wrong because Maggie is clearly upset. Maggie tells Hope that Mickey was packing for their cruise and she went to check on him. Maggie tells Hope that she tried CPR but he wouldn't respond.
Bo and Carly have sex.

Doug, Julie and Nathan get the news about Mickey. Maggie receives a delayed text message from Mickey and breaks down. Melanie comforts Maggie after learning of Mickey's death.

Hope calls Bo while he is still in bed with Carly to tell him about Mickey's death. When Bo meets up with Hope she realizes something is off and asks if he slept with Carly and he admits the truth. E.J. attempts to reassure Anna that everything will work out. Sami tells E.J. that she can't keep the ransom secret from Rafe any longer.

10 - 18 Dec

Hope confronts Carly at Maggie's house as everyone stands behind her in the living room.  Bo arrives at Maggie's to find Hope and Carly going at it. Melanie informs Nathan that she and Philip have put off their elopement.

Mickey's friends and family gather at Maggie's to celebrate his life. E.J. gives a fake speech about trying to be a better person to the Horton's and Brady's when he pays his respects.
Vivian tells Victor that she is certain that Mia is Carly's daughter. Victor causes Vivian to rethink Mia being Carly's daughter when he notes the two look nothing alike.

E.J. tells Anna that he is keeping Sydney away from Sami because she kept Johnny from him. Vivian pesters Brady for information on Melanie. Maggie tells Hope that she has to fight for Bo if she wants him.

Rafe catches Sami and E.J. making the ransom drop. Rafe is upset that Sami never told him causing him to waste time following leads.

Carly is devastated when Melanie tells her that her father would pimp her out to his clients for money. Kate shows up trying to look for information on Melanie and Maggie angrily tells her to get out of her house.
Carly asks Philip to talk to Melanie about reconsidering quitting nursing school. Philip tells Carly that Bo told him the truth - that Carly came back to Salem to reunite with him.

Bo visits with Melanie at the Pub encouraging her to give Carly another chance. Carly shows up at Bo's and tells him that his plan to misdirect Vivian isn't going to work.

Melanie decides on a bigger wedding and Vivian insists upon helping her plan it. Stephanie arrives at the Pub to meet up with Nathan who is tied up at work. Melanie tries to get Stephanie to go dress shopping with her but Steph tells her she already has plans.

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