1 - 8 Feb
Mawande is furious when she finds out what Akhona did. Choppa is delighted when he's put in charge of a project. The newlyweds are at it again. Is there any hope for their marriage?

A confidential document ends up in the wrong hands. Jason desperately wants to get his hands on some Ezweni shares. Phenyo's lies finally catch up with him.

Dineo finds solace with a gun in her hand. Sofia tells Robert he no longer has a family. Senzo is shocked by Sello's revelation.

Queen isn't ready to forgive and forget yet. Akhona's forced to do something against her will. The wannabe waitress can't seem to do anything right.

Just when Phenyo thinks his relationship is back on track things go wrong again. MJ gives the proxy of his shares away. Noluntu finds out her baby was with the Dlomos.

Choppa talks his way into trouble. Akhona is shocked to hear what Sello is up to. Senzo's devastated when the Ndlangisas leave with Mnqobi.

A reminder that Generations will remain airing on SABC2 until the end of the AFCON tournament. It returns to SABC1 on Monday, 11 February 2013.

11-15 Feb
Queen and Robert are in a great mood until they receive bad news. Phenyo realises Dineo's lying to him and decides to follow her. Asanda ignores Shaun's warning and pays a visit to a 'friend'.

Ruby makes a promise to Sylvia ... but can she keep it? Isabel is not impressed that Choppa stole her ideas. Mawande is horrified by Noluntu's revelation.

People are growing suspicious of Akhona's strange behaviour. Queen is mortified when Robert has a sinus attack at Ezweni. MJ's eyes almost pop out of his head when he sees Tsalanang's sexy new look.

Senzo begs Noluntu not to give his baby away. Ruby goes weak at the knees over an unexpected poem recital. Dineo is blown away by Phenyo's surprise.

MJ is confused when Isabel gives him the cold shoulder. Asanda is forced to make a difficult choice. Sello throws out the bait to his next hapless victim.

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