1 - 8 Nov

Zodwa asks Nicholas to keep their arrangement a secret, MJ lies when he’s put on the spot during a radio interview and Ruby realizes she is all alone.

Senzo is taken aback by what Dr Chetty has to say, Paulina causes a scene at Tsalanang and Dineo realises that dinner with her parents was a bad idea.

An angry Khethiwe tells Sara to back off, Nicholas warns Akhona that she's playing with fire and Phenyo gets his back up when Ngamla has a go at him.

Patrick promises Ruby he’ll set things right, Khaphela decides to meet Khubone halfway and Zodwa is hurt by what she finds in the dustbin.

Mawande is consumed by guilt, Choppa tries his luck with a babe and Khethiwe goes into panic mode when an unwelcome visitor arrives.

Akhona is angry when she finds out that Nicholas has kept a secret from her, A furious Khaphela has had enough of his wife’s machinations and MJ is devastated when Caleb puts his foot down.

9 - 15 Nov

Khubone isn’t done with his threats yet, Ruby warns Dineo she’s making a big mistake and Ngamla can’t fight the forbidden attraction he feels.

Khethiwe wants Khubone to help her get rid of her ‘problem’, Noluntu urges Akhona to use her feminine wiles to get what she wants and Khaphela doesn’t realise his phone conversation is being overheard.

Sara’s arrival isn’t welcomed by all, Phenyo decides it’s time to move on and Nicholas warns Choppa about getting his act together.

Zodwa makes a move on her man, Dineo lies to cover her true feelings and MJ witnesses a forbidden kiss.

Khethiwe is wracked by guilt, Ngamla suspects foul play was involved in the explosion and Akhona snaps when Nicholas tries to get intimate.

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