10 - 13 November
Ngamla almost catches the gay lovers in the act. Queen makes it clear she won't tolerate interference with her wedding plans. An overly confident Jason gets taken down a peg or two.

Senzo decides he's ready to come out of the closet, but that's easier said than done. Dineo can't help being shaken at the thought of Kenneth being involved with someone. Samuel's plans for Khaphela's bachelor's party aren't going as planned.

Ntombi is seriously annoyed about always being put last. Paul tells his brother in no uncertain terms to back off. Zamani falls hook, line and sinker for Neli's sob story.

Dumisani writes Cleo's wedding vows for her. Ngamla makes full use of an opportunity to get Kenneth's back up. Ajax seems to have changed his tune all of a sudden… or has he?

16 - 24 November
Senzo has doubts but Jason insists his idea will work. Khaphela puts his arch rival firmly in his place. Gladys is stunned to hear she might not have a job soon.

Samuel thinks sometimes it's better not knowing the truth. Paul doesn't seem too thrilled about the idea of Dineo moving out. Neli knows something fishy is going on but can't figure out what it is.

Ajax carries out the next step in his devious plot. Kenneth gets a surprise visitor who's not afraid to take him on. Just when Cleo thought her troubles were over, she has something else to worry about.

The tension between Ntombi and Senzo goes from bad to worse. Sharon isn't about to go easy on a potential new freelancer, even if he is her boyfriend. Forlorn Dumisani misses Khethiwe more than he'd like to admit.

Ngamla knows something's up at home and demands to know what it is. Sara's comments about secrets hit on a few nerves. Khaphela has an interesting theory about the sudden tension in the Dlomo household.

Cleo looks decidedly guilty after her trip to KZN. Kenneth gets a distress call and hurries off to help. Jason throws out the bait, but will Neli bite?

Samuel hits on the perfect idea for an article. Dineo wants to make up for letting her mother down. Ajax is chuffed when his plan seems to be coming together.

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