17 – 23 Jan

MJ causes a scene at Caleb's memorial service. Sello warns he's taking Ezweni with him if he goes down. Akhona starts to wonder if Ngamla might be behind Caleb's death.

The Memelas and Moeletsis stand united again. Queen's night of passion takes a turn for the worst.

Mawande puts her foot down when she finds out what MJ's planning. Phenyo sinks deeper and deeper into his own web of lies. Scheming Sello's warning has the desired effect.

The contents of Caleb's will leave his family stumped. Queen is shocked when Robert's daughter bans her from seeing him. The hacker throws out the line and Akhona takes the bait.

The shares issue causes strife in the Memela household. Nicholas isn't happy about a secret meeting that's going to take place. Dineo finds an outlet for her frustrations.

24 – 31 Jan
MJ wants Mawande to get him a lawyer. Noluntu finally reads her father's final letter. Phenyo unintentionally sabotages his marriage even further.

Robert asks a nurse to spend the night with him. The Memela siblings have a huge blow-up in public. Nicholas makes a move on Akhona.

Sofia conspires with Jackson against Queen. Senzo is touched by a special gift for Mnqobi. Jason hears something which sets his mind racing.

Sello enjoy taunting Dineo. The Memela siblings are at it again, this time on live radio. Nicholas reels in shock when he gets home.

Robert is in for a surprise when the cleaning lady arrives. Noluntu's special event turns into a horrible nightmare. Akhona witnesses a murder on her laptop.

Sello lays down the law for an unimpressed Phenyo. MJ is not happy to hear what his mother expects of him. Sofia and Queen are shocked by an unexpected proposal.

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