18 – 22 Feb

Queen gets an email which leaves her hopeful. Choppa tries to hustle money out of a friend. Mawande confesses all.

Dineo admits she lied to her loved ones. MJ is shocked by what happens when he pushes someone too far. Akhona goes snooping at the wrong place at the wrong time …

Babalwa wants to give Mnqobi back to Noluntu. Samantha refuses to believe her life is in danger. Nicholas decides it's time to forget about his ex and move on.

Phenyo is livid when he finds out he's been lied to. Choppa decides desperate times call for desperate measures. Sello hits his victims where it hurts.

Akhona is horrified when she finds out what's really going on at the game farm. Ruby is upset when Dineo comes clean to her. Mawande's infatuation with her grandson doesn't sit well with her children.

25 – 27 Feb

Samantha reels when she realises what she will have to do for a 'client'. Nicholas receives a phone call which leaves him shocked and worried. Senzo is floored by Noluntu's proposal.

Detective Pokane pays a visit to Sello's game farm. Isabel isn't impressed when MJ gatecrashes her dance session. Phenyo's misdeeds come back to haunt him.

Mawande's heart breaks as she says her final goodbye to Mnqobi. Noluntu is only getting started with her revenge ... Asanda believes she might be Akhona's last and only hope.

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