Our popular weekly soapie updates often get a comment or two from diehard fans, but this week Generations got a few more than usual. Here’s what a some of our readers said in the comments section:

Lizzy Precious Makhoba
“Eish guyz when is dis thing dat Noluntu is doin 2 her mom is gnna stop cz now Generation is becoming a boring soap bcz of dis Mawande thing.I wantd my son 2 make me a coffee 1 day nd he said 'mumy'must I add some pill in dis tea?can u believe it guyz dis thing is getting out of hand cz it's teaching our children nonsense I'm so getting pissed off with dis now nd Generation is not my favourite soap @ di moment.......PLZ DO SUMTHING guyzzzz.” (sic)

Connie Muringai
“Noluntu has gone to far.What kind of a lesson can we draw from that.” (sic)

Xolani Mkunqwana
“Mfundi Vundla and his team, destroyed Generation , they started by a charector of Sello, which was not have sense, no stupid Noluntu, what is the motive of Nuluntu. You can cut the soap away like wild, if you run out of ideas. Good bye Generation.” (sic)

Sabiha Lockhat
“This mother and daugther scenes is too hectic , what advice is generations trying to give out to young adults to ill treat ur own mother . No ways this is not acceptable, if Noluntu wants to take revenge and play wicked roles she should go try it on someone else not her family for gods sake stop this crap.” (sic)

When we noticed the unhappiness in the comments, we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers for their input:

Mathapelo Marcia Modiba
“i remeber how people had a problem when they brought Jason and Senzo (2 gay guys inlove) the scenes were kinda hard to watch and we crossed that bridge, they brough queen with an old dying man - horrible scenes to watch too. Now its Noluntu who is busy poisining her mom as she wants her to pay, but honestly wherever generation is getting their storylines from, they seriously need to reconsider that person/team. I also agree with Ambronica Pisto, If only generations had a competitor for the 20h00 slot they would be history. Maybe its time they put an end to this programme as the creativity is dead.” (sic)

Qengebakazi Vuyokazi Sonjica
“Generubbish is far too predictable this Noluntu thing is irritating shame , the story line sucks big time . I've stopped watchin until Noluntu is caught.” (sic)

Ferial Edross
“It was my favourite till Aikhona ....started mixing Afrikaans with the other languages. I will only start watching again when they get rid of her !!!!!!” (sic)

Looks like there are quite a few unhappy viewers.

Will you keep watching Generations?