18 -22 Feb

Rajesh feels he's at the end of the line with Sibeko Gold until Katlego plays the ace up her sleeve. Daniel's Valentine surprise for Kimberly goes horribly wrong. Lerato's dream of becoming a beauty therapist takes an emotional knock.

Nikiwe and Rajesh are sucked down into the mire of office politics. Daniel makes his lover a very enticing offer. Lerato will do whatever it takes to get justice.

Rajesh plans to resign, but will he go through with it? Kimberly feels caught between her work and her relationship. Sechaba is stressed by Lerato's studies.

Rajesh's resignation brings out the worst in the Sibeko clan. Daniel feels threatened by Len and out of his element in Kim's glossy world while Lerato's new obsession gets her into hot water with Georgie.

Rajesh takes on the Sibekos at the internal inquiry. Katlego is not happy with all aspects of the launch. Sechaba and Lerato consider their future.

25 – 28 Feb

The magazine interview exposes more than expected while Nikiwe has to deal with an unexplained health scare. Kimberley's successful launch poses a dramatic and life-changing question for her. Calvin's car trouble forces a new twist to his life.

Kimberly wants to move on but her heart is still breaking over Daniel. Rajesh is tripped up by domestic chores while he plans his future success. Calvin, against his better judgement, accepts help from Sechaba.

Rajesh's clandestine behaviour takes its toll on his marriage. Len comes sniffing around Kimberly hoping he can fill the gap Daniel has left. Calvin considers baring almost all to relieve his financial straits.

Rajesh Kumar makes on offer on a big purchase and the Sibekos have an interesting offer for Kimberly. Calvin strays into dangerous territory. A difficult fashion shoot goes down in Len's apartment.

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