1-8 Feb
Beth takes her problems right to the top of the Sibeko Towers. Yvette pushes the limits of the ex-wife envelope. Lerato starts her journey to self affirmation and power.

Nikiwe maintains her lie about why she cancelled Beth's funding but she's being watched on all sides for a crack in her story. Cherel faces a day as Yvette's sponsor - will she survive? Lerato thinks her fancy new CV is the key to her dream job.

Nikiwe would rather die than admit her culpability in the growing funding fiasco. Cherel continues her high-wire act between the shredded nerves of Charlie and her high-maintenance mother. Georgie contemplates with growing alarm the thought of losing the services of Lerato.

Jeff chooses an unsuspecting fall guy to sort out Nikiwe's mess. Cherel has a surprise on the eve of her wedding. Lerato changes the plans for her future.

A looming horror rises up to put Cherel's wedding in jeopardy. Nikiwe has a bad day at the office. The garter and bouquet predict an unexpected union.

Jeff is at the receiving end of Nikiwe's wrath, as Rajesh works feverishly on a secret plan. Newly wed or not, Cherel's true nature doesn't take too long to reveal itself. Lerato's life takes a massive and unexpected turn for the good.

11-15 Feb
Uncle and niece go head-to-head and major fireworks ensue. Cherel does her best to be a nice stepmother and help Charlie off The Deep. Lerato plots her new life.

Rajesh plans big things in secret but how long will it stay secret? Charlie is struggling with her hidden burden as everyone around her tries to decide things for her. Sechaba is being a very supportive boyfriend, but jealousy lurks around the corner.

Rajesh is faced with an ethical dilemma regarding his future. Kimberly and Ben spend time together despite their differences. Sechaba and Zeb struggle with their romantic plans.

Rajesh and Nikiwe are faced with their broken friendship while Rajesh works feverishly to drop his bombshell on Sibeko Gold. Ayanda and S'khumbuzo find that Valentine's Day can be special. Sechaba and Zeb outdo themselves in the surprise dinner of the year.

One of the le Roux brothers learns that it is never a good idea to surprise a lover. It is difficult to tell the personal from the political in the Sibeko boardroom. Lerato discovers the joys of scholarship.

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