1 - 8 Nov

S’Khumbuzo realizes that he is further out then he thought, the true dynamics of Sibeko power are revealed at a crucial press conference and the dark, dangerous world of match fixing threatens to envelop S’khumbuzo and Ayanda.

Lincoln and Jeff find their past returning to haunt their present, Georgie enlists Prada’s help as he tries to get to the bottom of a worrying health scare and S’khumbuzo’s fall from grace begins to gather momentum.

The bad vibes between Lincoln and Jeff finally come to a head, Georgie’s medical woes are compounded by a confused Prada and S’khumbuzo finds himself part of an elaborate sting operation.

Jefferson neatly turns the tables on Lincoln, A careless Prada lets slip the details of Georgie’s medical condition and S’khu goes from zero to hero and back again.

Jefferson seeks out an unusual alliance, Georgie’s lump creates other disturbances on The Deep and Katlego influences S’Khumbuzo to take radical and tragic action.

The shadow of Lincoln’s power continues to cast itself over Sibeko Towers and Georgie receives a romantic proposal from an attractive young man.

9 - 15 Nov

Barker and Benjamin conceive a plan to further split the Sibeko family, Ayanda is not sure what to make of S’Khumbuzo’s relationship zigzags and Prada remains deeply worried about Georgie's situation.

Barker makes an offer to Cherel , S’khumbuzo has to deal with his life post scandal and Georgie’s secret admirer just won’t take no for an answer.

Cherel demonstrates just how low she will go for money, Ayanda gets a lashing for her good intentions and Sechaba observes Georgie in the arms of another man.

Cherel lays the bait for Jefferson, Charlie freaks out as Quinton’s trial date looms and Georgie’s desperation drives him to compromise his own principles.

Cherel’s plan to execute Barker and Benjamin’s destabilization of Jeff ends with a dramatic conclusion, the commune guys discover there’s something that even their humour can’t fix and Georgie faces his fear and celebrates the day his lump appeared.

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