16 - 23 Nov

Cherel finds out that Katlego is no push over, Charlie struggles as the start of the rape trial approaches and Georgie makes his intentions clear, much to the alarm of his Doctor. 

Cherel shocks two people to the core, Charlie struggles with feminism and justice and George embarks on a dangerous and romantic endeavour.

Jeff’s sinister threats frighten Cherel, Charlie lashes out at Eddie as the pressure of the trial takes its toll and Benjamin hints at taking Quinton out permanently.

Georgie’s gesture of misplaced affection gets him into hot water, Cherel uses all her wiles to play the Sibekos and Charlie finds that the truth and the reality of the justice system are uneasy bedfellows.

Georgie enlists an expert to help him with his declarations of love, Kimberly gets a surprising proposal from Jefferson and Charlie struggles to keep it together as she teeters on the edge of a breakdown.

Georgie wants to know if McNamara reciprocates his amorous feelings for her, Barker finds that he does not have all the control he thinks he has and Charlie struggles to cope with the daily spectacle of Quinton De Groot.

26 - 30 Nov

George reveals the depth of his romantic side, Barker learns how swiftly the ground can shift beneath his feet and Charlie has a crucial question for Benjamin.

Sechaba experiences further outrage at wide spread corporate injustice, Jeff and Katlego smile in the face of their increased ill-gotten gains and Calvin decides to take a risky step which could backfire badly on Charlie. 

Eddie fears that Calvin’s meddling may destroy the case against Rodney, Barker’s health takes a nose dive and S’khu and Sechaba embark on a naughty boy’s night out. 

Charlie’s court case takes an unexpected turn, Cherel makes a drastic threat and Barker’s admission to hospital has McNamara confronting a demon from her past.

Sechaba finds life without Lerato quite interesting, Quinton’s lawyer drops a bombshell in court and Beth finds herself developing a strange fascination with Barker.

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