19 - 26 Dec

Lucas ensures that he meets his nemesis face to face, Charlie’s idea of therapy does not seem to match up with father’s idea and Sechaba does his best to rescue his Christmas from imminent disaster.

Charlie’s self-hatred turns to self-mutilation, Lucas gives Beth a romantic ultimatum and Lerato delivers some more shocking news to an overwhelmed Ma Agnes.

Charlie reveals the reality of her emotional state, Beth makes up her mind about adventures with Lucas and Lerato causes Agnes some professional embarrassment.

Charlie’s friends freak out about her new look, Lucas continues to be the charming new doctor on the Deep and Ma Agnes reluctantly entrusts her credit card to Lerato.

Charlie starts resorting to drastic measures, Lucas gets closer to Barker but finds it harder and harder to cope with his anger and Lerato pulls out all the stops to impress, but will she manage?

Charlie recruits Ben in her ongoing battle with Quinton, Beth finds that hooking up with an ex is never simple and the maternal side of Katlego makes an unexpected appearance.

27 - 31 Dec

Lucas reveals his obsession, Sluleka takes a hand in Charlie’s destiny and Sechaba makes a promise he just may end up regretting.
Lucas continues on his mission of bloody revenge, Charlie  embarks on a path that will give her father nightmares for years to come and Lerato is keen to attend the glittering New Year’s ball at The Duncan.

Charlie persuades Ben to hide her gun, but a close friend’s loose tongue threatens to expose her and It’s high society for Lerato and Sechaba as they attend the New Year's ball.

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