3 - 7 Dec

There is a growing likelihood that the rapist will walk free, Barker discovers that no man is an island and Sechaba finds that Zeb is no push over.

It’s Judgment day for the Horizon Deep rapist, McNamara is torn between finding Barker charming and sticking to the plan to expose a past crime and Sechaba gets an unexpected surprise at his party.

Charlie experiences her worst nightmare come true, Sechaba fails to find romantic freedom and Charlie drops a bombshell on her father.

Rajesh warns McNamara about the kind of man Barker truly is, Sechaba is scared that he is going to lose his woman and revenge is a dish best eaten cold for Charlie.

Beth continues to struggle with her inexplicable blind spot when it comes to Barker and a broken hearted Sechaba finds a romantic co-conspirator in the most unlikely place.

10 - 18 Dec

Charlie carries on with the self-defense  course but it doesn’t go as Calvin planned, Barker continues charming the good doctor and Sechaba is back on form after a mysterious reversal of fortune.

Eddie insists that Charlie seeks professional help, McNamara gets closer to Barker and Sechaba begins to regret owing Zeb a favour.

Lucas’s carefully concealed agenda goes unnoticed by his unsuspecting targets, Charlie withdraws and her headspace worsens with the approach of the festive season and Agnes’s plans for Christmas take an unwelcome turn.

Barker unwittingly finds himself in the sights of a mysterious stranger, Kimberly embarks on a mission to bring out Beth's fun side and Ma Agnes gets an offer that scares the pants off of her.

Beth feels betrayed by Lucas when she discovers his duplicity, Charlie remains suspicious of Cherel’s friendly overtures and Sechaba fears that Lerato’s grand plans for the Matabane Christmas party will not be welcomed by Agnes.

Beth discovers how duplicitous her ex really can be, Eddie reaches out to Cherel and Lerato continues with her plans for the Matabane Christmas party.

Beth is angry with Lucas, Cherel gets closer to Eddie and Agnes decides it’s time to put a stop to Lerato’s crazy Christmas plans.

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