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Calvin came to the realization that he may have to move to Cape Town and the chemistry between Lesedi and Zweli continued to grow.

31 August – 4 September
Lesedi seems to be moving towards romance with Zweli, but will Vusi intervene? Lolly discovers that Priya and Rajesh are getting married, but will she work out the rest?

Calvin may have the solution to his financial problems, but unfortunately the solution is not legal. Everyone is wooing Lesedi, but which deal will she find the sweetest? Priya has to deal with the prospect of a wedding growing like compound interest.

Braam and Zweli put a tempting offer on the table and ask Lesedi to help herself. Maggie and Stella debate what they will wear to the Indian wedding.

Calvin tries to convince Sofia to partner with him on this found-money venture. Zweli sets Lesedi's heart aflutter with a kiss. Priya is overwhelmed by work and preparations for the wedding and Calvin plays dirty with Sofia, leaving her in tears.

7 – 14 September
Calvin digs himself a deeper pit of lies. Vusi realises it's time to take action if he wants Lesedi to see him as anything more than a friend. Chico is chasing his dream of a normal life, but will he survive the gossip-mongers who think he is guilty. Vusi declares his love to Lesedi, but there are obstacles in his path

The blows just keep coming as Chico loses his driver job and Priya is unaware of the bridal shower being planned. Jess tells Calvin she knows he is hiding something but he proclaims his innocence.

Le Roux is surprised that Zweli is so taken with Lesedi. Vusi gives up on Lesedi, but it remains to be seen if she was right to ignore his advice. Priya struggles with juggling her professional and private life. Chico's anger and jealousy nearly gets him into even more trouble. Rajesh finds the right moment to present his bride with a gift. Maggie's gossiping puts Agnes on the wrong track

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