1 - 8 Nov

Eddie can't believe it when Morongwe reveals yet another diabolical, Stan-related plan ,Quinton finally discloses some information about his childhood and Gloria is desperate for investors and makes a point of turning up the pressure.

Somebody discovers that Morongwe is frequenting the Newtonian, Kila releases more money to Ndumiso and Quinton is upset when he learns that someone he hasn't seen for 19 years will be at his late grandfather's will reading.

Daniel offers Morongwe an incentive in exchange for information on the threat to him, Quinton isn't sure what he stands to inherit from his late grandfather and Kila sets Ndumiso up for a fall.

The long-awaited meeting between Stan and Daniel is on the cards, Quinton is approached by his mother, but her request only adds fuel to the fire and Ndumiso waits for his ship to come in.

A spooked Daniel wants answers but doesn't know where to get them, Layla makes a move which turns Quinton even more against her and Ndumiso wants to up his game, but gives little away about his investment to Kila.

12 - 15 Nov

Eddie embarks on a mission to prove Stan's theory without compromising Stan, Daniel sets Thembeka on a very dark assignment to find even darker proof of his own and Quinton desperately needs a lawyer to fight Layla's contestation of Arthur's will.

A startling revelation causes Daniel to suspect that Stan is still alive, Donna helps Ruby try and solve Quinton's problems and Ndumiso's money is stolen by an unlikely thief.

Eddie is not sure whether or not to lie to Maletsatsi about blackmailing someone, Kila discovers that Ndumiso has stolen some of his own money and Daniel receives an unexpected guest with disturbing news from the ancestors.

Ruby pushes Quinton to reveal his secrets - but is she ready for what she hears?, and Gloria and Ndumiso dream of wealth but receive a rude wake-up call instead.

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