17 – 23 Jan
Donna learns a secret and she is forced to reassess her own plan against Daniel.

Donna discovers Daniel has transferred more shares to Mangi and begins formulating a sinister plan to keep Mangi in her clutches.

Guilty Erin is worried Shakira wants to try and destroy her marriage again and so confronts her.

Ruby tells someone about kissing Mangi.

24 – 31 Jan
Mangi meets Kefilwe for the first time, unaware that she has been given a task by Donna.

Going home with Zinzile, we discover that things there are not as happy as they might be. Overly zealous Gloria's enthusiasm at NFH has consequences.

Kefilwe's reservations about going along with Donna's plan to frame Mangi for rape aren't helped when Mangi proves himself a genuinely nice guy and Donna proves herself a nasty girl.

Mlungisi gives Zweli permission to begin training for university soccer trials but has certain strict conditions. The Safe 'n Clean partners decide on a sneaky way to solve the problem of Gloria being obtrusive at work.

Kefilwe puts Donna's plan for Mangi in motion but will Mangi be tempted?

Donna's plan to manipulate Mangi backfires. Gloria gets up to mischief while working the night shift.

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