18 – 21 Feb

Mangi's fight with Quinton causes disturbing behaviour in Mangi. Scelo lies to his parents to protect Lindiwe. Gloria almost gets caught out.

Eddie threatens a strung-out Mangi with extreme action if he doesn't clean up his act. Scelo finds out just how much of a sacrifice Mlungisi has made to keep him happy. Two people get closer to learning that Gloria is stealing NFH stationery.

Eddie and Thembeka force Mangi to make a difficult choice. Will he choose to save his career or is he past caring?

Desperate to get some affirmation from Mangi, Kefilwe professes her love for Mangi and Mangi hits her with a curve ball. The screws really begin to tighten around the Ngemas' financial situation resulting in Mlungisi resorting to desperate measures and Scelo determined to bail his father out.

Inspired by Quinton, Gloria has an idea to start a new business within a business.

25 – 28 Feb

After a candid conversation with Ruby, Mangi takes a difficult but necessary step to get his life back on track but a horrifying discovery threatens to set him back and potentially cost him his freedom.

Stephen lures Donna to his apartment for a work dinner and is pleasantly surprised. Scelo hits on an idea to earn money.

Does Mangi call the right person when he finds himself in a tight situation?

Will Mangi tell the truth to the police? Zinzile confronts Lindiwe about performing a secret chore.

Mangi's conscience is plaguing him and Eddie is closer to finding evidence that Mangi was lying about where he was on the night Kefilwe died.

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