3 - 6 Dec

Daniel takes Stan to a secluded location to kill him but someone is following them,  Erin's got a fresh idea regarding Dineo's new line and it's Mangi's first day as CEO.

Daniel reveals his darkest secret to Shakira, Mangi tries to convince Quinton to watch the rest of his grandfather's message and Thembeka and Erin clash over the feature on Dineo.

Eddie and Tino risk all by breaking in to see Stan, Quinton gathers courage and contacts Layla before she leaves and Thembeka and Erin continue to clash over their approach to Dineo's feature, resulting in Mangi being forced to play peacemaker.

Stan's memory returns, Quinton and Layla finally have their long overdue talk about the past and Eddie's daughter, Lolo arrives home for a visit.

10 - 18 Dec

Shakira devises a plan to help Daniel get rid of Stan, Quinton asks Layla about his father and is Lolo really on leave or has she been lying?

Will Daniel finally take Stan to meet his maker and can Eddie and Tino do anything to change Stan's fate?

Dorcas is happy that mother and son are finding their way to each other, Lolo tries to get a job and Mo has to choose between helping Daniel or protecting Stan.

Layla and Quinton attempt to erase a traumatic memory, Lolo is gifted with a golden opportunity and Tino plans the details of how to get Stan out of the country, but will Daniel get hold of the information?

Quinton gets some shocking news from his lawyer about Layla, Lolo impresses Erin, Dineo and Thembeka and Stan prepares to leave SA but Daniel's onto him and wants him eliminated before he can board his plane.

Quinton pays Tino back and is thrilled by an unexpected offer from his boss, Thembeka crosses a line with Dineo, who has had enough and a new turn of events could cost Thembeka her job.

How does Shakira plan to get closer to Tino again and will Palesa find out that Lolo came onto Kila?

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