4-7 Feb
As things between Mangi and Kefilwe heat up, Donna is furious at being outplayed. Lindiwe finds out Scelo's secret but will she keep quiet about it? Gloria continues invading NFH by night ... but she might be under surveillance.

Donna recruits Stephen to expose Kefilwe to Mangi but Kefilwe cleverly out manoeuvres her. Zinzile encourages her son to speak openly with his father about relationships and Scelo is left with egg on his face. Pushed by circumstance, Gloria commits a criminal act.

Donna seems ready to admit defeat but some uncharacteristic behaviour from Mangi gives her reason to believe all hope is not lost. Kefilwe tempts Mangi with the worst possible offer.

Ruby has a niggling suspicion of a very disturbing fact. Gloria is suddenly not so averse to working night shifts and Thembeka loses a prized possession.

Ruby takes a pregnancy test. Zinzile goes behind Mlungisi's back to help Scelo. Gloria comes up with a new money making scheme.

11-14 Feb

Mangi makes Ruby an offer that causes her to flip out. Zinzile confesses the truth to a furious Mlungisi and he accuses her of not being the woman he married. Gloria ropes someone else into her new scheme.

A new development between Quinton and Ruby pushes Mangi down a road he thought he'd never revisit. Mlungisi confiscates Scelo's kit with the intention of returning it to the supplier: Daniel Nyathi. Gloria's scheme to send office supplies to Ndumiso kicks into action.

Mangi awakes to the realization that he has slipped. But will he choose to fix it or make things worse? Quinton and Ruby reach a turning point in their relationship.

Mlungisi makes a gesture to Scelo but he does not receive the gratitude from his son he had hoped for. Gloria continues to supply Ndumiso's friends with stationery supplies - but why is Ndumiso delaying paying her?

Kefilwe starts turning the screws on Donna by spinning Mangi a story. Ruby confesses to Quinton about Mangi's advances. Scelo tells Dintle he loves her but returns from the Valentine's dance in an alarming state.

Gloria's made a strange purchase but will she use it for the reasons she claims or is she up to something more sinister? Shakira foils Daniel's Valentine's plans the way only she can.

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