16 - 23 Nov

Bridget is welcomed home by her family after being on an extended Hawaiian vacation with Owen and Logan.  Nick questions Jackie on her motive behind sending Owen on a trip with Bridget.

Jackie welcomes Owen back from his trip with a romantic evening and important news regarding their marriage.  Bridget is surprised by an unexpected visit from Nick who interrogates her about the current state of her love life. 

Everyone is shocked at the news that an unlikely couple has become engaged to be married.  Steffy confides in Bill about how Brooke has become suspicious about them being allies.

Stephen surprises Pam with his plans for their romantic honeymoon.Pam and Stephen’s display of affection makes Stephanie ponder what her and Eric’s relationship is lacking. 

Brooke is overjoyed to reveal to Steffy that Liam now knows the truth about her machinations involving keeping Hope away from him in Aspen. Liam explains to Hope why he married Steffy. 

Ridge and Taylor don’t believe Brooke’s accusation that Steffy and Bill conspired to prevent Hope and Liam from reuniting on top of Ajax Mountain. 

Liam confronts Steffy about the allegation that she was responsible for Hope being stuck in the gondola in Aspen. 

24 - 30 Nov

Nick and Brooke run into each other at Il Giardino and catch up on what is currently going on in each other’s lives, personally and professionally. 

Thorne calls a meeting at Forrester Creations to inform Eric that there needs to be a drastic change within the company. 

A chance encounter reunites Rick and Amber where they reflect on their tumultuous past and the mistakes they’ve made along the way. 

The argument between brothers escalates as Ridge questions Thorne’s motives behind suddenly wanting a regime change at Forrester Creations. 

While having lunch together, Ridge and Brooke catch a family member committing an atrocious act.

Ridge confesses to Brooke about something from his past that has had a negative effect on him during his life.

Nick begins to worry about his mother after Jackie tells him about a couple of unfortunate run-ins that she had during lunch.  Thorne makes a heartbreaking declaration about his life to Taylor.

Taylor and Brooke find themselves in an unusual situation when they realize that they are in agreement with each other about Thorne.
Dayzee and Marcus spend the day together and contemplate a possible future with Baby Rosey.

Brooke worries that Amber may be up to her old trick of trying to weasel her way back into their family.

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