19 - 26 Dec

Ridge attempts to sugar-coat the news to Brooke that he had a falling out with Hope in the best way he knows how. 

Hope turns to Thomas for comfort as she tells him about the conflicting advice that she is receiving from Ridge and Brooke. 

Ridge comes up with a plan to help Hope and Steffy reconcile while at Thanksgiving dinner.  Jackie becomes inspired by a pep talk that Sally once gave and decides to carry on her legacy. 

When Pam overhears a private conversation of Stephanie’s, she confronts her sister about being the cause of her recent misfortunes. 

Knowing that Steffy and Liam will be in attendance, Hope tries to get out of spending Thanksgiving with her family. Thorne surprises his family when he shows up to dinner with Taylor on his arm. 

Stephanie hopes that the family gathering will give her a chance to resolve her differences with Taylor.

Hope is appalled by Ridge’s unconventional demand for her to reconcile with Steffy and Liam. Brooke and Taylor recognize that Hope and Steffy’s feud is almost a mirror image of their own ongoing feud.
Justin and Donna invite Brooke and Katie to lunch to surprise them with news regarding their marriage.  Rick makes an announcement about where his career and future are heading.  Nick receives an unexpected phone call from Brooke asking him for a personal favour.

Nick finds himself pleasantly surprised to find that he has chemistry with a newly single woman. Steffy and Bill set ground rules about what they discuss with each other and their respective spouses. 

27 - 31 Dec

Bill is caught off-guard by Katie’s reaction to learning that he was involved with Hope being trapped in the gondola. 

Steffy gives Brooke a stern warning about what may happen to Katie if she doesn’t adjust her attitude.  Brooke becomes concerned when Liam confirms that Katie and Bill are currently experiencing tension in their marriage.

Steffy makes a bold suggestion to Katie for them to bury the hatchet between each other for their husbands’ sakes.  Katie instigates a heated conversation about Steffy’s history with Bill and her farce of a marriage to Liam.

Bill puts his foot down when Katie gives him an ultimatum regarding Steffy and her role at Spencer Publications. 

Katie finds herself in an even more difficult position when Liam takes Bill’s side.Thomas surprises Hope with a romantic dinner as a means to sweep her off of her feet.  Liam tries to contain his thoughts as he finds himself thinking about Hope.

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