3 - 7 Dec

Jackie accidentally lets it slip to Owen about the afternoon that she had spent with another man.  Marcus and Dayzee express their loving feeling for each other as they take their relationship to the next level.  Eric seeks comfort from an old friend after being denied once again by Stephanie.  

Ridge finds Eric with another woman and scolds him for being so insensitive and leaving Stephanie.  Still heartbroken from Liam and Steffy’s mountain top nuptials, Hope is consoled by women who have had much experience with relationship misfortunes: Brooke, Katie, and Donna.

Steffy admits to Taylor that she had lied about Hope being in Aspen and her involvement in keeping Liam away from her.  Hope runs into Liam and interrogates him about the state of his marriage. 

They ponder what life would currently be like if the gondola in Aspen didn’t stop and Hope had gotten to Liam before he married Steffy.

Steffy emotionally begs Liam to look past her lie and not allow it to destroy their marriage.  Liam is appalled as Steffy tries to justify her actions while badmouthing Hope.  Thorne and Taylor discuss the many obstacles that they must face if they pursue a relationship together. 

Liam is overwhelmed by jealousy as he learns that Hope is moving on with her life by getting over him with the help of Thomas.  Steffy begins to feel insecure in her marriage and hopes that Liam will be able to forgive her for lying to him and not running back to Hope. 

Ridge is caught off-guard when Thomas confesses that the woman that he has feelings for is Hope.  Brooke is stunned when, out of the blue, Hope reveals that Thomas kissed her the night before.  Steffy continues to justify her actions to Liam but can tell that his thoughts are elsewhere.  

10 - 18 Dec

Hope questions Liam about whether or not he is really happy and totally committed to his marriage.  Thomas and Steffy conspire to keep Hope and Liam apart so that they can work on solidifying their relationships with them.  

As a way to cheer Hope up, Thomas takes her to Dayzee’s for a special Veterans Day celebration.  Katie is stunned when Liam tells her that he knows the truth about Steffy’s involvement in Hope getting stuck in the gondola.

Thomas doesn’t get the response from Hope that he was wishing for after he reveals his true feelings for her.  Katie warns Liam that he will lose Hope forever if he doesn’t end his marriage to Steffy before it’s too late. 

Brooke voices her concerns to Hope about beginning in a relationship with Thomas while she still has feelings for Liam.  Stephanie begins to worry about Pam’s mental stability after the recent shake-up in her life.  Pam unleashes her years of harbored resentment towards Stephanie.

Ridge reaches out to Thomas in hopes that they might set aside their differences from the past and become close again.  Nick gets the surprise and offer of his life while in the Jackie M. steam room.  Jackie and Stephanie declare themselves rivals again after a misinterpreted message to Eric is intercepted.

Ridge confronts Hope and Liam about their intentions when he finds them having an intense discussion in private. 

Brooke and Steffy have a heated argument over the way that Steffy tricked Liam into marrying her under false pretenses.

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