18 – 22 Feb

Bill confesses to Justin about what he had done in Cabo San Lucas in regards to Steffy and why he did it.

Katie is appalled when she learns the truth about Bill's latest scheme and angrily confronts him about it. In spite of Katie's stern opposition, Bill takes an extra step to carry on the scheme he initiated in Mexico.

Hope begins to question her own morals, ethics and whether or not she is living the life that "Hope for the Future" portrays.

Katie confronts Bill about how he was able to get Dr. Montgomery onboard to falsify Steffy's MRI results. She threatens to get the authorities involved once she can find proof of his deception and makes a scandalous accusation towards him.

When Thomas learns what Hope plans to do with her "Hope for the Future" collection, he attempts to talk her out of it. Hope bluntly explains to Thomas why they are no longer an item.

Liam and Steffy patiently await the results of her new brain scan.

Katie's furious at Bill's extreme attempt to prevent her from telling anyone about how he had Steffy's MRI results falsified. Bill delivers good news to Steffy and Liam about her prognosis while Katie attempts to thwart his plan against her.

Hope unexpectedly makes a shocking announcement about her "Hope for the Future" collection. Afterwards, Hope and Brooke have a heart-to-heart discussion about the reason for her decision.

Katie demands that Bill tell the truth about Steffy's true medical condition and why he lied about it. When Bill doesn't 'fess up, Katie provides Liam and Steffy with the details of Bill's machinations.

Hope begins to have regrets about her beliefs and the decisions that she's made in her life because of them. After a long conversation with Brooke, Hope has a change of heart regarding "Hope for the Future" and her own future.

Katie is shocked to learn that Steffy was unaware and played no part in Bill's plan to keep Liam's marriage intact. Steffy becomes enraged at Bill for the damage that he has inflicted in her life and in her marriage.

Hope and Liam share an emotional reunion as he tells her all about Bill's lies and manipulations.

25 – 28 Feb

Steffy desperately attempts to convince Liam and Hope that she had nothing to do with Bill's plan. Bill and Justin create a gamelan in preparation of the media finding out what he has done.

Brooke informs Ridge,Taylor and Thomas about the recent series of events going on between Liam, Steffy, and Hope. Steffy delivers the news of her positive prognosis to her family.

Hope confronts Bill about the hell that he's put his family through.

Now that the truth has been revealed about Steffy's condition, Liam has a major decision to make about his marriage. Bill does not mix words when he publicly makes his opinion known about whom Liam should chose to be with.

Steffy unleashes her anger at Bill for the problems that he has caused in her marriage and in her life.

Katie stuns Liam by her change of heart regarding Steffy, but that doesn't mean that she has a change in her opinion of who Liam should be with.

When Steffy fills Ridge in about the latest situation in her marriage, he takes off to confront Liam about what decision he should make. Steffy and Hope agree to keep the details of Bill's machinations secret from their families.

Katie and Hope discuss their plans of action of how to deal with Bill, the lies he told, and whether or not to let the media know. Bill pays another visit to Liam to give his opinion about choosing to remain in his marriage to Steffy instead of choosing to be with Hope.

Amber's rejoining forces with Forrester Creations reignites a bitter rivalry between Rick and Ridge.

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