1-8 Feb

After hearing about what happened on the beach, Bill, Taylor and Ridge rush down to Cabo San Lucas to assess the situation. Liam feels a sense of guilt and takes full responsibility for Steffy's unfortunate accident.

Brooke and Katie come up with a plan to prevent the news about Steffy reaching the American media. Bill makes a heartfelt confession to Steffy about his true feelings for her.

Refusing to allow anyone to dictate his life for him anymore, Liam tells Bill that he's made a decision about which woman he wants to be with. Thomas pressures Liam to make Steffy his priority and to give up any thoughts of reuniting with Hope.

Unbeknownst to anyone else, Bill takes drastic steps to ensure that Liam will choose to be with Steffy over Hope.

Bill advises Liam that he needs to honour his marriage vow of "in sickness and in health" to Steffy and remain by her side for support - at least until her condition improves.

Liam has a private moment with Steffy to inform her of who he has chosen to be with. Bill lays on heavy persuasion and intimidation when he discovers a roadblock in his latest scheme.

Hope is saddened when she realises the extent that Thomas and Steffy took to prevent her and Liam from reuniting.

Katie voices her concern to her sister about how close Bill and Steffy have become in the past few months.

Jackie questions Nick about his intentions with Donna and how he plans to proceed with Pam. When Donna confesses her feelings about Nick, Brooke explains why she cannot give them her blessing.

Beverly meets Jackie and Nick for the first time and vows to find out who really stole the Forrester Creations' designs. Nick takes advantage of Open Mic Night at Dayzee's and finds a new fan in Donna.

Amber has a special surprise for Rick.

Pam confronts Jackie about whether or not she's being used by Nick just to steal designs from Eric. Amber concocts a plan to assist Rick in becoming the next CEO of Forrester Creations AND to win back his heart.

Despite their undeniable attraction to each other, Nick and Donna decide to take their budding relationship slowly. Pam is back to her old tricks again and plays another practical joke on Donna.

As they discuss the current status of their respective lives, Owen makes a heartfelt confession to Jackie.

Owen and Jackie reminisce about the many wonderful times that they shared as a married couple.

Rick self-imposes himself into a leadership role in the task of getting Forrester Creations back on its feet after the Jackie M fiasco. Little do Eric, Brooke and Stephanie know that Rick's secret weapon is Amber … and he plans on keeping her a secret. Hope and Liam interrogate Thomas about his true intentions in Cabo San Lucas.

11-15 Feb

Hope fills Brooke in on all of the events that took place in Cabo San Lucas between her, Thomas, Steffy and Liam. While Steffy is being examined by Bill's personal doctor, Katie becomes suspicious about the true diagnosis.

Liam conjures up the nerve to tell Bill to back off on intruding into his and Steffy's relationship. Despite Steffy's condition, Katie angrily confronts her about her many machinations in Mexico.

When Brooke pressures Liam about what happened in Cabo San Lucas, he makes a shocking confession to her. Bill takes precautions to ensure that he is not implicated for deceiving everyone about Steffy's condition.

Ridge becomes suspicious about the designs that Rick has presented for a new collection and is convinced he has an ulterior motive. Amber eagerly awaits word on what Ridge and Eric thought of the designs that she gave to Rick.

Amber is excited at the idea that she and Rick may be able to take over Forrester Creations because of her designs that he's passing off as his own.

Jackie informs Nick about Pam having second thoughts about continuing to assist them with stealing Forrester Creations designs and she suggests that he do whatever it takes to keep her on their side.

When Pam meets Forrester's newest model, she gets a crazy idea for something fun to do and recruits Nick to do it with her.

Rick tries to convince Brooke to keep the secret that he's working with Amber on a new Forrester Creations line. Katie acts on her suspicions and investigates whether or not Bill is keeping information from her regarding Steffy.

Nick is less than thrilled with accompanying Pam to a taping of Let's Make a Deal and is concerned that their special friendship will be discovered.

Liam defends Bill to Katie and accuses her of starting up unnecessary drama within their family. Nick goes to great length to prevent Donna from seeing him with Pam on television.

Despite Hope's genuine concern for her, Steffy makes serious accusations against her. Katie goes off on her won to get answers that prove that Bill is in-cahoots with Steffy again.

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