1.The More Megapixels A Camera Has, The Better It Is

A good quality photo doesn’t solely rely on the amount of megapixels.Things like the quality of the camera lense and light sensor also play a major role. A higher megapixel count is only important if you plan on blowing up a photo to a larger size and don't want to lose quality.

2. Leaving Your Laptop Plugged In Will Kill The Battery

Many people are worried that keeping their laptop plugged in will eventually lead to its demise. But, unless your laptop is really ancient  you don’t need to fret.

Most new laptops use lithium-based batteries, which wont "lose charge" if you keep them plugged in permanently. Apparently it's better to keep it charging than it is to constantly drain your battery to zero percent and then recharge over and over again –something which will eventually lower your battery's lifespan.
3. You Need To Run Down Your Battery All The Way At Least Once A Week, Perhaps More

Just like with your laptop, unless it’s a really old machine, this isn’t necessary and should be avoided. Lithium-ion batteries are only good for so many "cycles", and allowing your battery to drop to 10 percent and then recharging counts as a cycle. This wears on the battery, and reduces its longevity.

A full discharge once a month is recommended, but there is some debate on whether this step is even necessary.

4. Your guy’s laptop is making him sterile

People have been freaking out because a team of researchers apparently found that sperm exposed to radiation from laptop WiFi had badly damaged DNA and were less motile.  But before you freak out, it has come to light that the study wasn’t done properly and is basically a load of nonsense.

5. Facebook Is About To Start Charging For Service

Check the terms and conditions. Facebook is free and always will be.  As easy as that.

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