These days there are a lot of low price ADSL offers. But to make an informed choice, you should know your options and how they might affect you:

Capped – This means you can download a certain amount of information before you are cut off (like a prepaid cellphone).

Uncapped – This means you can download as much as you want without being cut off.

Shaped – Everyone in your area shares the same connection, so when it is busy the connection is slower. Imagine a highway full of congestion – when everyone else is on, you go slower.

Unshaped – You have your own reserved slice of the available internet connectivity that everyone shares, which will always be fast no matter who is online. It is like having your own lane on a busy highway.

Physical Line Speed – This is how fast your ADSL line is. You can get three speeds and the price goes up as you get faster.

When choosing the right solution, you should consider the line speed, capped or uncapped and then shaped or unshaped. Uncapped and Unshaped are better, but more expensive.

These options can be adjusted and the price will rise and fall dramatically based on what you choose.

Which offer ADSL connection would you prefer?