“Oh definitely, we used to phone friends on their birthdays! Now a quick sms or a facebook post and it’s done. Sad really.”
Wendy Lombard

“Ek dink so ek kan nie onthou wane laas het ek met iemand gesit en gesels nie ons chat deesda net wane laas het ek n brief geskry kan nie onthou nie”
Henriette Rick

“More and more people resort to communicating on the internet because it is anonymous, it is easy, and you are spared the awkwardness of actually looking into somebody’s eyes!”
Svetlana Avramenko

“If anything it saves time and many awkward situations.”
Hasina Begum Sayed

“It is a new era of communication and there are a lot of possibilities for manipulation, deceit, fun and games and so on. The game has just begun...write, internet can take anything...”
Svetlana Avramenko

“Yes! And young people are soon going to find themselves at a significant disadvantage when negotiating with older people due to their lack of ability to read body language...”
Barbra Buys

Are you less likely to confront someone face to face? Or do you still tackle your problems in the real world? Share your stories with us in the box below...

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