I’ve had my blog for over 4 years now and I love the freedom that comes with filling a screen with feelings and thoughts and just putting it out there.

These are the reasons I love to blog:

I have always loved words.

Ever since we did a short story in primary school I decided that I loved to write.  I was 8 years old with pigtails and a terribly untidy handwriting but I still remember that Thursday morning when I thought to myself “I am really enjoying this”.

I didn’t get to follow my dream of studying journalism and so in between working full time as a PA I have completed a creative writing course through correspondence and hope to do more in the future.  I blog to keep my creativity alive and counteract the work days filled with numbers and spreadsheets.

I get to remove my mask.

To some family members, friends and colleagues I am this calm and collected individual who never says no and takes everything in her stride.  The girl who says yes to work even though she shouldn’t, who smiles when she doesn’t feel like it and puts others first.

The girl who takes other people’s moods and nastiness and doesn’t retaliate because no-one expects her to.  When I blog I let the real me out.  The real me gets frustrated.  She gets angry.  She has an opinion and doesn’t hide it.  She is also creative. 

Through blogging the real me gets to escape and be herself.  She doesn’t have to justify and explain or trip over her words.  She just gets to be herself.  I can never explain how refreshing that is.

I went through a really rough time at work over a year ago.

Anyone who has ever had a falling out with a toxic friend will agree it is unpleasant.  Try seeing that person every single day at work and you will see how dreadful it can be.  Some days were so bad I felt overwhelmed by it all and since it wasn’t a work issue I felt I couldn’t say anything.

I have since found out that HR is available to discuss these things but at the time I felt like opening up would make me a a telltale.  On days when the atmosphere was particulary bad, I would log in and just write about it.  It was that or moving my pc to the ladies and hiding there for months.

Fellow bloggers were so supportive – one lady sent me a newsletter she had written about how harmful nasty gossip is (it was being on the receiving end of malicious gossip and standing up for myself that resulted in the fall out).  Lots of bloggers gave advice and just let me know I wasn’t alone.  The storm blew over and things improved but being able to open up about something that was hurting me was priceless.

Take one it-is-all-about-me-and-my-family-sister-in-law, an oblivious brother-in-law and a mother-in-law who worships the ground they walk on and you have a few reasons for wanting to scream out loud.

Sadly this is not possible at the best of times.  So I blog about it and it relieves the stress of always having to be the bigger person and smile at these inane relatives who think the world revolves around them and only them.

Blogging has been a wonderful opportunity to swap horror stories of “the out-laws”.  I know I’m not alone and others have had similar experiences.

Blogging led to an awesome friendship.

I attended a MOB (meeting of bloggers) years ago and chatted to a fellow blogger at the lunch.  We stayed in contact and often meet up for coffee or to catch a movie.  There is always loads to discuss as we have so much in common.  I will forever be grateful to blogging for that.

It is my secret

Only three people I know are aware of my blog and I hope to keep it that way.  With Facebook and Twitter I feel as if I am constantly censuring myself.  This is not the case with blogging.

- It is a wonderful way to get honest opinions.  Sometimes I will be mulling something over in my head and it is great way to get a second opinion or a fresh take on a situation.  Fellow bloggers have been more open and honest than some of my closest friends.

 Plus with blogging I don’t have colleagues staring at me the next day when I’ve mentioned something personal (to one person) who has broadcasted it to the entire company (yes that has happened to me).

So there you have it.  Blogging is awesome and everyone should give it a try.

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