1) Intelligence is sexy

With all the talk about the brain being the biggest sexual organ, it's no surprise that we're turned on by clever people. There's something undeniably attractive about a man who can build a bridge or a combustion engine or a spaceship. Where would we be without the geeks who invented electricity... Microsoft... Google...? Men who build instead of break. Men who find solutions instead of causing problems?

Probably, still being clubbed over the head and dragged around by our hair, that's where.
So big up to the guys out there who are passionate about our investments, our computer programs and our genetic composition.

We love you.

2) Nerds are funny

We all know a sense of humour is attractive. In fact, if magazine and Internet articles everywhere are to be believed, women rate this quality higher than any other. And nerds are funny. Maybe because intelligent people are funny?

Or maybe it's because they've thought about life, love and everything when the other boys were still busy blowing spit bubbles and figuring out how to walk without dragging their knuckles on the floor? Or is it because they've memorized every single episode of The Simpsons? Which would be funny ha-ha and funny peculiar. Ha ha ha, funny peculiar.

3) Shyness is sexy

There's something hugely appealing about shy men. The stammering, blushing, babbling, bumbling sexiness of a slightly awkward man beats the practised charm and ladykiller lameness of your run of the mill playboy hands down, every time. These are the guys with the self-deprecating wit, the air of uncertainty, the boyish charm. Take me now, James McAvoy...

4) Nerds are gentlemen

This is the type of guy who won't think courtship begins with a couple of beers and ends on the backseat of his BMW. It's also the type of guy who won't insult your mother or sleep with your friends.

5) Here's to you Mrs. Robinson

When you're with a man who is sexually inexperienced you automatically graduate into a sophisticated sex-pot. And seriously, who doesn't want to be a sophisticated sex-pot?


a)He won't be able to compare you with other women (which can be good or bad depending on where you stand)
b)He'll be eternally grateful to you for making him a man
c)He will worship your body (see point a)

6) Nerds aren't skanky

Rest assured your geek is good and clean and fresh, tra-la-la. Because if nerds slept around we wouldn't call them nerds now would we? Which just goes to show how absurd our culture is.

7) Over achievement rocks

Seeing that nerds are generally good at stuff (well, except for contact sports, beer guzzling and other chest banging activities – which is a point in itself really) when they do get the chance to have sex, they will eventually excel at it.
Think about it: if a man has the patience to figure out how to assemble a tiny model airplane, or learn how to write in binary code, the workings of the standard vagina shouldn't prove to be too much of a problem.

8) Nerds are kind

Although this man might occasionally suffer from foot in mouth disease (remember your nerd is not a practiced charm monger) he will usually be sensitive and compassionate. Once again qualities which made him a nerd in the first place.

So the next time you roll your eyes at IT Guy's Star Trek reference, stop. Look a little closer. There might just be a great catch hiding behind those glasses.

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