We seem to forget that our computers are destructible – until of course, it all goes horribly wrong.

Here are 12 essential check points to help protect you and your computer against disaster.

1. Back it Up:

Use an external hard drive, flash drive, a set of disks, or online “Cloud-based” backups.

2. Invest in a UPS:

An uninterrupted power supply is a good idea in the event of a power failure.

3. Unplug your Cables:

Do this when there is a storm or an imminent power outage.

4. Protect your Computer from Viruses:

Install a good anti-virus application.

5. Are you Legal?

Buy genuine Microsoft Office and Windows Licenses.

6. Keep your Disks Safe:

Know where they are!

7. Know your Warranty Info:

A  three year warranty= trusted product

8. Protect your Computer from Yourself:

Don’t open anything that you are unsure of.

9. Save Properly:

Save documents into folders in “My documents” instead of saving to the desktop.

10. Keep Your Firewall Turned On and Don’t Share:

This helps to protect your computer from hackers.

11. Turn Off Your Computer and Password Protect Your Internet Connection:

Leaving a computer on and connected to the internet opens the gateway to attacks.

12. Keep Your Operating System Up to Date:
Computer operating systems are updated to ensure your computer has the latest protection.

By following these points, you and your computer will enjoy a long and happy life together.

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