Brett Murray’s (now defaced) painting of President Zuma flashing his manhood has caused uproar in South Africa. Heated debates are rising as to whether the painting is freedom of expression or is actually an attack against him, be it based on his sex life or his race.

After seeing the Twitter outbursts ,we decided to give our fans an opportunity to share their opinions on our Facebook page.

Here’s what our fans had to say:

Bonginkosi: I got a lot of retweets when l tweeted @Babrahbongs #zumaspear. If we can all dance and sing all day about 'uMtshini KaZuma' what’s the outcry about when we get a glimpse of that machine. It’s just art!

I don’t believe in humiliating anyone – whether or not they have been looking for it.

Jomoh: Total disgust. Mr Zuma is the country’s president. The guy did not only humiliate him but the nation as well, especially the people who elected him to lead the country. This is totally disgusting and ugly. If I were to decide what's to happen to him, I would say he rot in jail! So that others will learn a lesson! If u don’t like the president keep it to yourself. We like him; we voted for him; we are still going to vote for him again. Whether you like it or not, we are!

Dorne: Well done Brett Murray, and if you check out Zuma's twitter page you will see that he doesn't take himself that seriously. It is the rest of the ANC making an issue about someone's interpretation of art. (*Editor’s note: There are several Zuma Twitter profiles. Some of them are satirical, so you might not bee following the verified account).

Aderinkomi: I am not in SA so I really don’t know what’s going on with the government. But this one thing I do know, irrespective of our freedom of expression, we Africans are people with good moral heritage. With this work of art, w legacy are we posting to the next generation.

It’s amazing how S.A. can spend energy on things that will not bring any value to our lives.

Phindy: “Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere.”? G.K. Chesterton

Kediemetse:  It’s just the wrongest thing ever. (sic)

Phindi: I can’t believe what a huge fuss this has all created! It’s just sad that it’s the president of our country that is in the middle of this whole debacle.

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