After reading the extremely self-serving apology of the two FHM lads who made the corrective rape jokes on Facebook this is how we felt:

We took to Twitter to ask our followers what they thought. Here goes:

@LindaStupart ten points for instrumentalising witch trials to claim victim status for rape jokes. VILEST.THING.EVER

read that too. Could have just appologised but think they have dug themselves a bigger whole by trying to explain

  @Women24 "Blaming society and the country is a coward’s way out." My sentiments exactly!

34s  @women24 The original comment was about TWERKING so saying he was making a caustic joke on his private wall 2draw attention to rape is a lie

@MissJadeSoul self-righteous reterds.

@spaceygirl1602 @Women24 . Pffffft. They should have just left it alone. Now it's even worse and they look like even bigger jerks. If possible.

@NicoleDirks @Women24 Honestly I do not feel their personality nor sincerity. Generic apology. Where are the guys who were so lively? I don't buy it!

@jerusha_s: You left out "attention seeking".

@slk41177 @Women24 why can't they just say sorry... Dumbasses

  @Women24 It's a non-apology, they should have done some community work at a rape crisis centre today

@eXCheez1m All that I got out of that letter was that they're mad that people didn't let them joke about rape.

@LizaAlbrecht Oh, their moral indignation...

@LaBetenoir "so, we're sorry, but really, you're the ones with the problems, you lynching shrieking overreactors. "