The attack of the ad-sponsored phone call began in the US with internet phone company Jangl in 2008, but now it's hit our shores with a new smart phone application that has been developed in SA.

DialMedia has just launched a new app that allows you to play a 10 second advertisement before calls connect to your phone. I suppose the good news is it won't interrupt the actual phone call, and doesn't affect your battery – but I'm not squealing with delight at the prospect of being spammed every time I call a buddy.

We're forced to watch ads when downloading an online video; ads are hurled at us from every billboard along the highway; celebs are selling their tweets for a quick buck; every second page in magazines is an ad; and let's not even start talking about TV...  The phone call was the last safe haven from the barrage of marketing hurled at us.

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“In-call” advertising sounds…