Most of the time, I love the internet.

The persistent commenting trolls, the multi-faceted debates and discussion, the plethora of cat videos and adorable baby moments… everything about it rocks my world. I often get lost in a spiral of distractions  in the morning, and then eventually feel somewhat guilty and get back to doing some productive stuff. Which, mind you, also involves the interwebs.

Anyway. Back to my point.

So, usually I get particularly excited when I bump into a new site with really interesting stuff. Unless, of course, they require me to do that one thing that makes me want to hurl my computer across the room.

Create an account.

When I see that statement, my mind shuts down and I feel ill.  I swear every second site wants some "create an account" type of thing.

And the problem isn’t necessarily that I don’t want to visit the page. The problem is that I cannot possibly process another password – especially if it needs to have three digits plus a certain number of letters and at least one CAP and a *%$@$#@$!@ or whatever other ridiculous requirement is needed.

I'm tired. I'm so, so very tired.

•    I don't want another username.

•    I don't want another profile.

•    I don't want to upload pics to yet another site.

•    I don't want to create another bookmark.

•    I don't want to have another social network to pin/pop/prick/bang/beat/curb/gorge/stick/whatever "cool" term some new online strategist has come up with.

It's not that these things are bad in and of themselves. I understand the need for security. But as I type this I have three blogs, several banking log-ins, six online shopping accounts, multiple social network sign-ins and five different e-mail usernames and passwords to keep track of. In short, I really, really don't want to create yet another account anywhere. I mean I'd like to. But I think my brain would explode leaving splatters of grey matter on the Women24 desk. I suspect this would highly annoy my colleagues. And we don't want to annoy them, do we?

I'm drained. I'm suffering from internet exhaustion. Give me a break. No. Give us all a break and stop asking us to log in to everything.

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