1. Jem

Practically with us from the beginning, we've grown to love Jem for her witty insights, her often perceptive and humorous posts as well as her wonderfully personal voice that she's injected into her blog.  If you're looking for someone who knows what's happening in the world and presents content in a very accessible and chatty way, then you'll love her as much as we do.

Visit her blog here.

2. Kimstories

Kim is another one of those bloggers whose keen intellect and thought-provoking posts have made her a much loved blogger on the women24 platform. Witty, fun and thoroughly engaging, Kimstories blogs about everything under the sun and often tackles topics that many people often steer clear of. Not only that, she does so in such a manner that she encourages debate rather than incite aggressive commenting behaviour from users. 

You can visit her blog here.

3. Flower

Flower has been with women24 since 2008. Currently living in Germany, she blogs and regales us with tales about life in Germany - posting regular snippets and fabulous pictures of interesting places, food and cultural events that all form part of her and her hubby's daily life.

You can visit her blog here.

4. Sf

Formerly known as Schneeflocke, SF has certainly had a very interesting life journey. With us since July 2008, SF took us on a journey where we read first-hand about her and her hubby's battle to conceive. After many fertility treatments, numerous visits to specialists and through all the tears and frustration, she finally announced on her blog in March 2009 that she was pregnant. The rest, as they say, is history.

She has since renamed her blog from Trying to conceive to A day in the life of a new mum.

You can read her blog here.

5.  SNich

SNich is yet another of our bloggers who has been with us for a long time.  Having been through so much in the past (including an abusive relationship), SNich's life journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Her eternal optimism and chatty style makes for a wonderfully personal life journal that many of her blog fans keep coming back to.

You can read her blog here.
6. Lee

Lee's blog is jam-packed with juicy and salacious stories of her steamy and fabulous love life, and although we really, really enjoy reading about what's been happening in her love life of late, she also blogs about life, careers and everything else in between - all with the art and flair of someone who has definitely picked up on some fantastic life lessons along the way.

Go on and have a read over here.

7.  BiBi

With a penchant for wine, Bibi's highly entertaining posts are filled with humorous snippets of her daily life, with constant mentions of her obvious love for those fermented grapes. She's funny, sarcastic and loves her family to death - even though they have been known to drive her downright batty sometimes.

You can find out more about her by reading her blog here.

8.  Desire

She's only been blogging for 8 months, but we love her lengthy, well-written and often very funny posts (As you can tell, we at women24 are big on humour). Also, her badge section gives a fabulous breakdown of the blog names she's given to the various people in her life, so that you're never confused about who she's writing about at any given time.

Read her blog here.

9.  Innocent1

Adding superstar sparkle to Women24/7. That's what his tagline says under his blog name, which we have to admit, is rather appropriate. He amuses and entertains with his dazzling wit, sharp observations and surprisingly deep posts -  is it any surprise that the women24 bloggers love him?

Don't believe me?

Have a read over here.

10. Lefty

Our final spot goes to the second of our male bloggers.  Meet Lefty.  He is just as entertaining and dazzling in his wittiness as Innocent1 is, so I really don't need to give any more reason for you to have to go and read his blog.

Except maybe to provide you with the link to go and visit his blog, which you can find over here.

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