Perhaps, like me, you’ve even found yourself freaking out about one word replies like “Yup,” or “K.” I mean really, what the hell does “K” even mean? K as in the element of Potassium? No?  

Anyway, the point is that it’s damn confusing to decipher the meaning of a guy’s texts even on a good day. Because, honestly now, they’re hardly the most verbal or emotional beings on Earth...

Well, luckily the peeps at have come up with a way of helping girls like you and I to find the meaning behind his lame-ass smses. And you’ll find out if he’s really into  you or not.


You upload the confusing message on the site. Then people either vote “He’s into you” “He’s not into you” or “The verdict is still out”. Also, they have “Bro’s" that you can ask for advice.

Here’s an example (Shame, this girl has it reeeally bad!):

So go check out the site, not only for advice, but a for a good laugh – some of these girls are really cray cray!

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