We may be the most technologically-resourced country in Africa but we have fallen behind our counterparts in terms of broadband.

Our resident tech expert, Carolyn Holgate explains that the cause of this has been purely because of the high costs of bandwidth in South Africa. As a result South Africans not only missed out on watching their favourite YouTube videos and downloading the latest hot songs and movies but also on the immense economic opportunities.

2010 has seen various Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) taking a stand against the high costs of broadband and making the Internet easily accessible to the South African public by either dropping costs or launching Uncapped ADSL packages.

What exactly is Uncapped ADSL?
In the past, ADSL could be purchased in monthly ‘data caps.’ This meant that the amount of data was restricted depending on the cap or data you purchased. Think of it as running out of airtime on your mobile phone. Uncapped ADSL, also referred to as unlimited ADSL provides unlimited access to the Internet for downloading, gaming, watching and listening to music and videos and giving you the freedom to use as much bandwidth as you like, when you like.

So is Uncapped ADSL really Uncapped?
The big question: Is it really Uncapped? Holgate explains that you have to always ensure that you choose a trusted ISP and that there’s no catch and additional costs when going the Uncapped route. Often ISP’s limit your data usage - if too much bandwidth is used they cut you off. This is referred to as ‘throttling.’

Shaped, Unshaped- Is it still Uncapped?
Shaped vs. Unshaped seems to be the huge debate at the moment in the technology space. But what do these terms actually mean? There is no need to feel intimidated by these buzz words. Shaped ADSL is when certain browsing activities take priority over other activities and is dependent on how busy the network is. Unshaped ADSL is when your browsing experience is constant and will be fast no matter what the activity is. ISP’s offer both Shaped and Unshaped choices when choosing your Uncapped Service. This is fully dependent on your needs.

ADSL is definitely for me but how do I get it?
MWEB offers great Uncapped ADSL packages. For more information on these packages, visit www.mweb.co.za  or call 08600 32000 to speak to a sales consultant.

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