A viral dog photo posted on Reddit has completely confused the internet.

At first glance, the dog appears to have a physical deformity, with a shrunken left eye and a missing ear.

Many disturbed Reddit users voiced their confusion regarding the “Optical Illusion Dog” in the comments section, according to Mashable.

"The top dog's nose looks like a gouged out eye and socket," wrote one user.

Eventually, some users revealed the truth: you’re looking at it all wrong! Enlightened commenters even uploaded diagrams to make sense of the illusion.

It was eventually discovered that the canine was perfectly normal and that the dog simply had his head tilted, reported Business Insider.

It is the dark mark on the dog’s cheek which gives the illusion of an eye.

Now that the truth has been discovered, the internet can move on to the next viral sensation.

Sources: Business Insider, Mashable, MSN