An excited teenage girl from Greater Manchester in the UK was surprised to find a handwritten plea for help in her Amazon delivery.

April Dorsett (13) was gifted a makeup advent calendar from her parents with a note meant to say: “Love from Mom and Dad”.

Instead it read: “Help me please. PMP staff are evil”, according to The Sun.

PMP is a recruitment agency employed by Amazon to fill positions at distribution sites in the UK.

This revelation comes after Sunday Mirror exposed poor working conditions inside Amazon’s warehouse in Tilbury, Essex.

The investigation revealed warehouse staff were falling asleep while chasing impossible targets.

Allegedly a parcel has to be delivered every 30 seconds.

This exposé coupled with the letter led the teen’s mother, Kim Dorsett (32), to question whether Amazon is running a sweatshop.

"This is quite worrying. It's the sort of thing you hear about happening in sweatshops in China," she said.

Kim told the Mirror: "My daughter was worried. She’s a vegan and she likes to know people and animals are okay.

"She said, 'Mom, you need to contact Amazon.’ I’ve ordered loads from Amazon before and I've never had any problems.”

PMP explained that the note isn’t "an accurate or fair representation" of the experiences of the people it recruits, but is investigating the incident alongside Amazon.

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