Some girls on the Women24 team thinks that Gwyneth Paltrow is the most boring celeb alive. In fact, the majority of the team thinks so.

Well, I don't know the woman, so I won't comment on her personality.

What I do know is that her latest fashion choices have been anything but boring.

She showed off her perfectly toned legs during the launch and signings of her latest diet cookbook, It's All Good.

The long sleeved black and white mini with matching black heels is simple yet stylish, while the purple mini and neon orange proves that she's not afraid to take fashion risks. I also love the fact that she paired super short shorts with a longer length blazer, to look sophisticated yet sexy at the same time.

So, she might be boring, but her latest fashion choices proves that her wardrobe certainly isn't, don't you think?

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Which look is your favourite?