Women and tuxedos don't always go together. Not because they're made for men, but because when we try to pull it off we either go the super sexy route (think too tight, no shirt, or bra sticking out) and end up looking rather trashy. Or, we go too masculine (think super baggy, ugly shoes and a weird hat thrown in for good measure.)

Fact is, there are few women who can actually pull it off.

Olivia Wilde can.

Without a shirt. And without a bra.

Normally we would be all "Girl, you look skanky!" but seriously, this is just perfection. I guess it has something to do with the fact that her boobs are just the right size. They're not too big so that they're hanging or bouncing all over the place. But they're not too small that she's completely flat chested. (Both of which are perfectly fine, by the way - just not when you're wearing a tuxedo sans shirt or bra.)

So, for the time being, Olivia has taken the title of Most Perfect Woman In The World Right Now.

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Girl crush alert, anyone?