We know that Miley lives for the spotlight, but really? This just takes the Party In The USA singer’s attention-seeking to another level of absurd.

She was spotted in Alberta, Canada with her fiancé Liam Hemsworth, wearing a Tupac t-shirt, an army jacket and a pair of fugly flip flops.

Maybe she’s trying to keep the attention of hunky-Hemsworth by flaunting her pins?

Although, on second thought, if I were scheduled for a date with this hotty, I would arrive with no pants too.

But I have a feeling this is more of a bid to be in the spotlight than anything else...

You’re taking your ‘screw you’ attitude way too far Miley. Will you slow down please, and for the love of everything fashionable, cover up your legs.

Ag nee! Even the kitty is doing a double facepalm.

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